Business Partners

The Benefit Company has chosen best in class firms to work with to better serve you on all fronts.  We work closely with the below listed business partners to assure you and your employees receive the highest quality of service.

Benefits Planning Consulting Partners

Retirement Planning

Qualified Plans, LLC.

The Benefit Company recognizes the fact that your 401k plan is a positive, feel good benefit.  For other benefits to pay, you typically have to be sick, hurt or die.  Your 401k plan, on the other hand, provides a positive path to a secure future.

The design and administration of your company’s 401k plan is key to the success of your plan.  Qualified Plans provides relationship managers to oversee every aspect of the retirement planning process – from design and consultation to plan administration and fiduciary services.

Emerging and Mid-market Specialist

Providence Insurance Group

The world of employee benefits is complex and ever-changing with new legislation being implemented constantly. The requirements vary based on the size of each employer. Providence Insurance Group, a partner firm in UBA, specializes in the small to mid-size group market and offers their knowledge and guidance for our clients as such. We work together to make sure each client, no matter what their size is provided with the most current, innovative guidance available.

Financial Advisory Services

DataSmart Solutions
Datasmart Solutions Logo

DataSmart Solutions combines claims data with additional metrics (biometrics, vision test results, health questionnaires) to produce the highest-powered analytics program in America. Using such technology enables you to target members who are at risk or are soon to be at risk so that we can deploy early intervention resources and bring costs down while improving member health.

Customized Wellness Programs

Corporate Health Partners

A true “wellness” program involves more than just completing a health assessment online.  Corporate Health Partners (CHP) provides employers with a wellness program with proven results . . . healthier and happier employees as well as helping you control the cost of your health benefits.  A robust wellness program with personal health coaching will yield greater results for you and your employees.

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