About The Benefit Company

The Benefit Company is an employee benefit consulting firm aligned with the best interest of our employer clients and their employees.  The genesis of The Benefit Company dates back to 1968 and continues to be independently owned.  Our private ownership is a meaningful differentiator, providing a mindset of investing in long-term strategies aligned with our client’s best interest.

 Recognized by The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism (IHC) as the Most Innovative Broker in the U.S., we are passionate about challenging the status quo – choosing the harder right over the easier wrong.

We Believe:

The healthcare system and payment models in the U.S. are broken.  The employer is the primary stakeholder in the process focused on controlling costs, and your ability to manage this key budget item is constrained by misaligned partners, limited transparency of data/reporting, and less than engaged employees.

Our Blueprint:

Believing light is a great antiseptic, The Benefit Company has perfected the use of healthcare analytics to reveal what is happening behind the veil of employer healthcare cost. We are committed to vendor accountability, provider transparency and employer education to drive down your healthcare cost trend without sacrificing the benefits your employees desire.  This is our blueprint for success.

Principals - Faye McCorkle, John Hearn and Carey Brown

Your Partners

The Benefit Company was founded by Carey Brown. Joining him on the Executive Team is John Hearn, Principal, and Faye McCorkle, Chief Operating Officer. Together, they have created a culture of innovation, passion and vitality.

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Our Solutions

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