Celebrating 20 Years of Dedicated Service to the Employee Benefits Industry

As a Partner Firm of United Benefit Advisors (UBA), The Benefit Company is joining UBA in its 20th-anniversary celebration as the nation’s leading independent employee benefits advisory organization. Twenty years ago, a group of fellow employee benefits professionals met at the Society of Financial Service Professionals Success Forum in Las Vegas to discuss:

  • the future of their business
  • the challenges to retaining their independence
  • ways to level the playing field with the large brokerages

Led by co-founders and visionaries David LoCascio and Chris John, this group saw unlimited potential and power in sharing their collective expertise and knowledge to form a United Benefit Advisors partnership. They firmly believed that the collective wisdom, expertise, experience, and unique strengths that reside within the top independent benefits firms had the potential to meet these challenges and capitalize on the tremendous opportunity they represent.

Since being founded in 2002 with only 15 Partner Firms, UBA has grown significantly from its humble beginnings. In 20 years of dedicated service to the benefits industry, and with its long-standing recognition of being one of the nation’s top 10 employee benefits organizations, UBA is proud to be one of the country’s largest privately held employee benefits brokerage groups.

  • Ranked top 10 in benefits revenue for 10+ years
  • Serving more than 36,000 employers
  • Over 2,000 employee benefit professionals
  • National and local leverage and buying power

At The Benefit Company, we believe our contribution of shared wisdom has been the power behind UBA. This exponential potential of collective wisdom makes the whole of UBA greater than the sum of its parts. UBA gives us access to peers across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. UBA Partner Firms are better together. Our unique culture provides a foundation that has elevated UBA for 20 years and counting. The Benefit Company is proud to be affiliated with—and contribute to—the powerful results that position UBA as one of the world’s top 10 employee benefits organizations.

The Benefit Company is delighted to celebrate UBA’s 20th anniversary of dedicated service to the employee benefits industry.


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