Change Your Approach to Change Results

A speaker’s comment took me aback last week when he said, “Today is the slowest pace of change we will ever see in our lifetime.” – Jack Uldrich  Really? The pace of change will become more rapid?

Here are thoughts, some of which are borrowed, on how to deal with the pace of change:

  1. Slow down and revisit your core beliefs to ensure you are viewing the change through the correct lens.  In business, this might include your mission, values, and vision.  Personally, this includes your faith and personal values.
  2. Future success will depend on our getting accustomed to ambiguity. Information at our fingertips is a blessing with discipline and a curse with a lack thereof.
  3. Amidst change, seek clarity with your fellow stakeholders. Communicate intentionally, which especially includes listening to each other, and never assume others see the “new state” the same as you.
  4. However, avoid paralysis by analysis. Don’t let perfection get in the way of excellence. Or, as Gen. Colin Powell stated, “make a decision when you have between 40% and 70% of the total information required to make a decision.”
  5. If the change is overwhelming, slow down and speak to a trusted friend or professional who can help you check your stress pulse. They’ll help you separate the facts from any fiction weighing you down.
  6. Don’t major in the minors. Focus more on the rocks and worry less about the sand.
  7. Be a thinking warrior, not a think-less worrier. Keep a journal and reread it at the end of the year. Such will condition you to realize much of your worry was futile.
  8. As David Bowie said, “Turn and face the change.” Be mindful of your reaction to change, and work hard to recognize your angst so you can turn it into positivity. Remind yourself opportunities often arise out of change.
  9. It’s best to drive the change you want, or the change will drive you! Build a plan.
  10. If you find it hard to get started, write down a single task that will move you in the right direction. Getting started is the hardest part. Even a slow-moving tractor will run over you if you don’t get moving!

Yes, today is the slowest pace of change we will ever see in our lifetime, and I hope you will commit to leading the change in a positive direction!

John Hearn Principal

John Hearn


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