Planning your employee benefits renewal

How to Plan for Your Employee Benefits Renewal


It’s June

The Start of Summer!

And For many employer groups

It is time to start planning for your calendar year

benefit renewal.

So what should you consider?

Unfortunately, there have been significant increases

in the cost of life insurance since COVID.

If your plan is coming off a rate guarantee, expect a larger increase.

Alternative medical options.

Some of the medical and TPA carriers have developed

some new offerings

specifically with alternative pricing models including

reference-based pricing, direct to primary care, and alternate level-funded programs.

Employee Assistance  Programs.  Look for enhancements such as telehealth for mental health and more.

Of course, data is key.

How it is delivered and managed

Including the technology support.

There are many new options to consider – be sure to evaluate.

Happy Summer Planning!


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  • Self Funding
  • Strategic and Innovative Design Analysis
  • Communication
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