Improved Connections to a Digital Health World

Video transcript:

Who knew I would be comfortable chatting with my telehealth provider?

Digital Health technology has finally reached a level of broad acceptance.

The use of provider EHR (electronic health records) and patient engagement tools has truly started to make a difference.

From provider efficiency, quality, and efficacy to patient engagement and education, our medical delivery system is finally reaching us and making sense.

If there could be something good learned from the pandemic, it is the improved connection to a digital health world.

Let’s face it we all quickly learned video skills and embraced the telehealth provider.

We became more comfortable and tried new telehealth practices with minor incidents but also with areas of physical therapy and mental health.

According to the CDC, 6 in 10 Americans live with at least one chronic disease (like diabetes or heart disease).

Many of these diseases can be preventable if managed with early detection, improved diet, exercise, and therapy.

So know your numbers.

Data is good medicine.

Embrace and interact with your provider or disease management team.

Now that we can be reached with friendly text reminders and cool medical devices that help us stay on track, it is easier to take the baby steps to good health.

Our good health changes and behaviors make an impact on healthcare spending.

You feel better and so does your pocketbook!

What will you do the next time you receive a friendly reminder to engage?

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