Mental Health Survey Reveals Rapidly Rising Numbers

  • Last several years Mental Health has certainly been a hot-button topic…We at the TBC have seen our clients really take a hard look at how they can improve their offerings and improve awareness…today, I want to share with you some stats regarding what the industry is doing to help.
  • These stats come from an industry survey on Behavioral Health Care released in August
  • Number 1 – 48% The amount of average increase of in-network behavioral health providers in 3 years among commercial health plans. – psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed therapists
  • Number 2 – (89%) 89% of health plans are actively recruiting mental health care providers, including practitioners who reflect the diversity of the people they serve (83%)
  • Number 3 – (114%) The number of providers eligible to prescribe Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) for substance use disorder, including opioid dependence, has more than doubled – growing by 114% over three years.
  • Number 4 – A large majority (72%) of plans are training and supporting PCPs to care for patients with mild/moderate behavioral health conditions.


  • Self-funding
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Optimization
  • Employee Benefit Captives
  • Population Health Data Analytics
  • Disability Contracts
  • Government Contractors


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