The Benefit Company Mission Statement

Elevating the Employee Experience.

Core External Values

To our clients and prospective clients:

The essence of The Benefit Company is to be a steward for our clients and provide them with state-of-the-art benefit solutions best suited for their most important asset, their people.

Our private and independent ownership delivers a distinct competitive advantage.  We pursue long-term outcomes over quarterly results, and we empower our team to be decisive in delivering nimble client solutions.

Our commitment is to exemplify the following values with our stakeholders:

Core Internal Values

To our team and prospective employees:

The Benefit Company believes if we take care of our employees, our employees will take care of our clients. An employee thrives in our culture who embodies the following values:






The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. The state of being whole and undivided.


Strong and barely controllable emotion. A thing arousing enthusiasm.


The quality of reacting quickly. Quick to respond or react appropriately or sympathetically.


Creativity, imagination, ingeniousness, ingenuity, invention, inventiveness, originality.


Thoughtful regard or provision for the future; prudent forethought.


The quality of being authentic and sincere, honest and straightforward, and candid and open.


Action oriented, strategic, resourceful, adaptable, flexible and willing to chart a different course.


Active, bought-in, collaborative, present, listener, observant, and emotionally involved

Team Player

A person who works well as a member of team and is focused on a goal larger than themselves.


Having an accurate and deep understanding. Perceptive. Astute. Thoughtful of the future.

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