Naming Your Corporate Wellbeing Program

Naming Your Corporate Wellbeing Program

Giving your corporate wellbeing program a name can be a strategic step in gaining engagement in the program. The wrong name can be a turn-off; a great name can entice employees to participate.

Key Considerations

  1. Make sure the program name is a good fit for your overall employer brand. Consult with your marketing team before making final decisions.
  2. You want your program name to be catchy and easy to remember.
  3. Consider a name that is “fun” and leaves your employees with a positive vibe.
  4. Be inclusive. Beware of names that limit the program to physical fitness or seem to focus on a particular gender, body type, or demographic.

Engage Your Team

When creating a well-being program name for the first time, consider including as many people as possible in the naming to heighten curiosity and expectation. The more employees who are engaged in the naming process, the more likely your employees will feel ownership of the program. One way to include employees is to have them nominate names and then have employees vote on the best suggestions. A prize for the winner will also increase participation in the naming.

Make it Fit

Ideally, the best name will be one that is unique to your organization. There are a lot of names for wellbeing programs that could fit any employer. Some employers will use their company name in their wellness program, followed by words such as cares, strong, fit, 360, lifeworks, active, & thrive. However, with some additional effort, you can create a name that is a unique fit for your culture or industry.

Names For Any Employer

  • Be Well
  • Living Well
  • Vitality
  • Nourish
  • Revolution Wellness
  • Let’s Get Fit
  • Energize
  • Discover Wellness
  • Wellness Works
  • LifeLine

Unique & Creative Names that Fit the Employer

  • Trucking Company: Healthy Roads
  • Construction Equipment: Digging a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Architectural Firm: Designing Better Employee Health
  • Fire Department: FIRE (Fitness is Running Everywhere*)
  • Construction Company: Healthy Foundations
  • Aviation Company: Soaring to Health
  • Home Interior Company: Health by Design
  • HVAC Company: Stat
  • CPA Firm: Wellness Counts
  • Plumbing Company: Piped Up for Wellness

*Be careful with names that limit the program to physical fitness


Jack W. Bruce, SPHR

Jack W. Bruce, SPHR, Director of Population Health & Wellbeing

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