Near-site Clinics Bridge Gaps in the Traditional Healthcare Model

For many of you, this week is Spring Break…at least for your kids. Some of you might be vacationing…my family and I are headed to Northport, FL to catch the last bit of Braves Spring Training. Safe travels…

I want to draw your attention to something…. We (TBC) hosted a webinar last week regarding Near-Site Clinics…if you are anything like me you haven’t spent a bunch of time considering this. However, my eyes are wide open now. If you would like a recording of the webinar, please DM me.

Consider this with your current PCP…Would you like that?

  1. Same Day/Next Day visits?
  2. Concierge-level service – meaning the doctor can take as much time as needed with you?
  3. Close to work

If you are an HR leader or business owner, ask “how many of our employees are at a minimum receiving an annual physical?”

I am not here to disparage healthcare..and yet near-site clinics provide a vehicle to…

Fragmented healthcare system:

  • Establish a relationship with PCP leading to unnecessary referrals
  • Physician practices owned by hospitals lead to referrals for procedures going to high-cost facilities
  • Mismanagement of chronic conditions leading to high dollar claims

Offsite clinic coordinated:

  • Concierge healthcare experience for employees, voluntary for employees and spouses
  • Next or same-day appointments
  • Referrals to more efficient and quality care
  • Employees don’t have to be concerned about insurance carrier charges and “EOBs”
  • Relationship-based primary care. Doctors can spend up to an hour for initial visits and 30 minutes for subsequent visits, leading to more accurate diagnoses and fewer referrals to specialists.


Paul Nichols

  • Self-funding
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Optimization
  • Employee Benefit Captives
  • Population Health Data Analytics
  • Disability Contracts
  • Government Contractors
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