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  • Recipes Reimagined

    Your Favorite Foods and Recipes Reimagined… Healthy

    For most of us, given the choice between a helping of creamy, cheesy, noodle-y casserole, and a plate of raw greens with a splash of lemon juice — we’d

  • Why Gratitude Belongs in our Employee Wellness Strategies

    Think you know what this post is about? Sorry, try again. Based on the title, you may think this is about saying “Thank You” in the workplace.  It’s not.

  • Best match benefits advisor.

    Which Employers are a Perfect Match for The Benefit Company

    It’s not uncommon for members of our TBC team to be asked “What does an ideal client for TBC look like?” The answer to that question has a lot

  • Georgia Hands Free Law

    What You Need to Know About Georgia’s Hands-Free Law

    The Benefit Company would like to offer this reminder of the Georgia Hands-Free Law that will take effect on July 1st  . . . On July 1, 2018 Georgia’s

  • Effects of Soda on Health

    What Happens to Your Body After Drinking One Soda

    You’ve hit that 3:00pm wall and there’s still a meeting to attend and then loads of email to tame afterwards.  What are you going to do?  Pop open a

  • Utilization of Prevention and Wellness Programs

    Wellness Programs — Good for You & Good for Your Organization

    This white paper is intended to show not only how important wellness programs are for an individual, but also how important they are for an organization. In addition, it

  • Well-being versus wellness

    Wellbeing and Wellness: There is a Difference

    At first glance there may not appear to be any difference between the two words. Words like car and automobile or exercise and workout are nearly identical in meaning.

  • Amazon versus Walmart in Healthcare Wars

    Walmart vs. Amazon – Healthcare Wars – What You Should Know

    A War is Coming! A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about Amazon, Berkshire and JP Morgan announcing their new venture into the health insurance space.  My first

  • UBA Partner Firm Principal of the Year

    UBA Partner Firm Principal of the Year – John Hearn, The Benefit Company

    Graciously accepting the Principal of the year award was John Hearn, Principal of The Benefit Company, and UBA Board Secretary and Treasurer. John humbly and modestly acknowledged the recognition

  • The Top Five Responses of Employers to Ward Off Rising Pharmacy Benefit Costs

    The Top Five Responses of Employers to Ward Off Rising Pharmacy Benefit Costs

    The pharmacy benefit is the most utilized benefit in your employer health plan and represents 15% (or more) of a typical employer’s health plan spend. Last year, prescription drug

  • The Surprising Role Forgiveness Plays in Employee Wellness

    The Surprising Role Forgiveness Plays in Employee Wellness

    Forgiveness. It’s a frequent point of discussion in religious settings, but does it belong in the workplace? Within two minutes, I hope you find the answer to be YES

  • How bad grammar can cost you.

    Ten or Fewer

    While growing up in rural Georgia just east of Athens, I adored my mother who served as a senior class teacher of English Grammar.  I was barely a teenager