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The Perfect Gift . . . Is it Possible?

We all strive to find the perfect gift for our friends and family.   The older we get, however, the more difficult it becomes to find the perfect gift for those who have everything or don’t really need anything.

Well, Carey Brown, the Founder of The Benefit Company recently celebrated his birthday and received what we believe to be the perfect gift.  A little background information will help you to understand as to why we believe it’s the perfect gift.

Carey and Marc Dash have known each other and have remained friends since they were roommates at Georgia Tech.  Marc married Patty and had two sons, Jeff and Eliot.  Carey married Sally and had three children, Brent, Natalie, and Tyler.   The families have remained close over the years although living in different states.

Carey and Sally’s youngest son, Tyler, was killed in action by an enemy sniper on September 14, 2004, 70 miles west of Baghdad, Iraq.  Tyler, an Army airborne ranger,  was only 26 years of age.  “Much has been done to honor others by honoring Tyler” is a phrase we have heard Carey use on numerous occasions when speaking of Tyler.  (www.tylerbrown.def6.com)

Carey’s birthday is July 20th; he and Sally were visiting with Marc, Patty and their sons when Carey was presented with what we believe to be the perfect gift . . . a Valor Service Dog that will be adopted by a wounded post 9/11 veteran or first responder.  The dog will be born in August and will be named Ranger.  The gift note from the  Dash family stated . . . “This service dog will be a constant reminder of the sacrifices made to protect our freedom, especially the sacrifices made by Airborne Rangers.  Thank you for letting us be part of keeping Tyler’s memory alive.”


We will keep you posted on Ranger’s birth, training and ultimate adoption by a post 9-11 hero.

Valor Service Dogs organization is unique for a few reasons, including:

1) one of the few organizations that focus on mobility AND post-traumatic stress disorder service dogs (PTSD), allowing them to help more clients with a wider range of needs; 2) the dogs are trained to meet the needs of a specific client, not a one-size-fits-all approach.  Each person will know their dog was specifically selected and trained just for them; and, 3) Valor Service Dogs are being placed in all 50 states!  Marc and Patty’s daughter-in-law, Emelie, is a co-founder of Valor Service Dogs.  To learn more about Valor Service Dogs and this program, please visit www.valorservicedogs.org.


Gift of Valor Service Dogs


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