Valentine’s Day, Love, and Commitment for Employers

There are many people anxiously waiting to see what their heartthrob will do to express their love this week. According to Statista.com,[i] the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts in the U.S. are candy/sweets (44%), greeting cards (33%), flowers (32%), and romantic dinners (29%). Other popular gifts include wine, jewelry, clothing, lingerie and pajamas, and event tickets.

Some sweethearts are hoping that Valentine’s Day is the launching pad for forever.  They want to be jolted by an engagement ring, symbolizing a life-long commitment of love.


Apart from laying down one’s life for another, there is no greater expression of commitment than until death do us part. Having been married to me for nearly 35 years, my wife may say there is no difference, at all, in these two.

Marriage isn’t the only place, however, where commitment is critical to success. In our work at The Benefit Company, we find tremendous joy in helping our clients commit. Commit, that is, to long-term strategies for their employee benefits.

We believe people prosper with better choices. And the better choices come as organizations recite their vows — committing to multi-year, innovative benefits strategies.  We find joy in these commitments because we know that failing to make such a commitment leads to high turnover, employee discontentment, reduced productivity, mammoth wasteful healthcare spending, and annual compounding escalation of claim costs. Conversely, tying the knot with long-term healthcare strategies leads to prosperity.

Is your organization primed to walk down the aisle? Are you ready to leave and cleave? Leave unproductive annual benefit rituals and cleave to a new life of prosperity?

A Readiness Guide for Commitment

If one or more of the following indications are true of your organization, then your organization may be ready to take the commitment plunge of a lifetime:

  • You desire to move away from the status-quo.
  • You yearn to leave behind the repetitious annual focus on the renewal and move toward a multi-year benefits strategy.
  • You are tired of being unable to analyze claims and healthcare spending data.
  • You are frustrated by having access to data analytics, but unable to do anything about the numbers.
  • You are hungry to proactively manage prescription costs, particularly specialty medications.
  • You are ready to embrace preventive wellbeing and corporate wellness to curb future health risks.
  • You are primed for creating positive shifts in culture that can guide employees toward better choices and innovation.

If one or more of the above are true of you and your organization, then you will want to take this opportunity to…

Put a Ring on It

Now is the time for HR leaders, directors of benefits, and CFOs everywhere to get down on one knee and make the commitment to innovative, multi-year benefit strategies!

If you are ready to offer that ring of commitment, then we invite you to make a call to the 27th floor of the King Building where you will find The Benefit Company. We will be happy to officiate the ceremony and work with you to seal your commitment for a long-term benefits strategy for your organization.


Something to think about: While Valentine’s Day is a day of expectation, joy, and love for many, it can also be a day of tremendous pain. Death, broken relationships, past failures, and unmet expectations will often lead to great sadness. Therefore, we are encouraged this Valentine’s Day to take a moment to reach out to someone for whom Valentine’s is particularly challenging. -Jack


Jack W. Bruce, SPHR

Jack Bruce

Director of Population Health & Wellbeing

  • Population Health
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Employee Wellbeing


[1] https://www.statista.com/chart/8061/the-most-popular-valentines-day-gifts-in-the-us/

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