The Happiest Employees
at the Least Cost Possible.

It is not our goal to be your benefits broker; it is our goal to be your partner in all matters benefit related.  From plan design and funding method (fully insured, self insured, captive, etc.) to the resolution of your employees’ claims concerns and all matters in between, The Benefit Company is here to assist in all areas.  The world of employee benefits is challenging; allow us to help you navigate these challenges and determine which avenue is best for you and your employees.


Benefits Philosophy

Your spend on benefits is an investment in your greatest asset, your people.  The Benefit Company’s philosophy is that when an employer client of TBC spends money for the benefit of its employees, whether directly in compensation or indirectly in benefits, we help them do so in the most cost effective, tax-efficient manner and at the least risk possible.




Being honest and having strong moral principles. The state of being whole and undivided.


Thoughtful regard or provision for the future; prudent forethought.


Cleverness, creativeness, imagination, ingenuity, invention, originality.


The quality of reacting quickly.  Quick to respond or react appropriately or sympathetically.


Strong and barely controllable emotion.  A thing arousing enthusiasm.

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