People Prosper with Better Choices

Imagine the possibilities if you had more choices available to prosper your employees’ well-being, benefits and futures.

You would enjoy a culture of engaged employees and the results would include a more productive workforce and newfound opportunities.

The Benefit Company knows our clients experience positive shifts in culture and cost containment when we guide them towards the choices and innovation available.

Solutions to Prosper:

  • Multi-year Strategy
  • Strategic Plan Design Analysis
  • Renewal Pricing Evaluation & Forecasting
  • Vendor Selection, Alignment & Management
  • Communication & Administration
  • Compliance, HR & Legal Resources
  • HRIS Technology
  • Leading Benchmark Strategies
  • Employee Advocacy & Engagement
  • Population Health Management
  • Large Claims Assistance
  • Health Claims Auditing Solutions
  • Predictive Data Analytics
  • Rx Carve Outs & Consulting
  • Proprietary Procurement Tools
  • Clinical Resources
  • Absence Management

We Believe…

“We believe people and companies prosper most when they are free to choose what is right for themselves and their families. Ours is a values-driven mindset to balance cost and culture by challenging the status quo.”

– John A. Hearn, Principal