The Benefit Company


50 Years of Aligning with Employers

The Benefit Company has enjoyed over 50 years of aligning with our clients’ best interests to bring innovation to the ever-changing employee benefits landscape.

Through our proprietary blueprint process, we provide alternative answers to traditional industry models which work against your success.

We have remained privately held — an increasingly unique position in our industry. Such affords us the opportunity to maintain a people above profits approach.

Before we began working with TBC, we did not realize the extent of innovation available in the marketplace. We assumed that we were getting the best results through the traditional RFP process. TBC opened our eyes to new possibilities and delivered on all of their promises.
Academic InstitutionHR Leader
The Benefit Company’s creativity and insight regarding cost containment strategies helped us offer rich benefits programs despite the financial pressures in the marketplace. With their guidance, we actually lowered our costs per employee while maintaining and expanding these strong offerings. The Benefit Company is a true partner, always going above and beyond to help us and our employees.
Healthcare ProviderHR Leader
I wanted to take this time to let you know how wonderful and how helpful you have been throughout my entire journey. I have appreciated everything you have done so much. It sure has taken a tremendous amount of stress off of me. You have stepped in no matter what my issue was. Most of us really don’t know if we really like our insurance company and representative until we have a claim. I can honestly say I not only like my insurance company, but my representative is AWESOME!!
Home Furnishing CompanyEmployee
You know I joke around and pick on Nick a lot but I need to share with you how valuable he was during  our visit to our new Augusta location.  His knowledge of benefits and specifically the Health Savings Accounts came in very handy.  On top of that, his willingness to pitch in and help us get all of the enrollments processed yesterday made the enrollment process go much faster. Can I ever say it enough? This type of service is why I love partnering with TBC.
Regional Commercial Truck DealerDirector of Human Resources
You and your team truly are wonderful to work with! I enjoy them both professionally and personally. I’ve bragged on your talented team to our community. Energy and passion combined with ingenuity and innovation to deliver alternatives in a market that might feel tyrannical these days. We have benefited from the solutions you have been able to bring to us. I have a lot of trust in your advice and wisdom. These things are truly priceless.
National Engineering FirmVice President
I wanted to let you know what an absolute blessing Kathy has been to me.  I have sent her every doctor/hospital bill I have received over the past 2 years for her to look at.  She never complains and looks into every one (she has done a lot of investigating on my behalf).  I can’t tell you how many times she has asked insurance to reprocess something so it is covered.  She has saved us over 20K in medical bills that we would have naively paid if we did not have her to look into them.
Chemical Technology CompanyEmployee
I just want to thank all of you again for your help and support through this transition to the new platform and with thinking through the communications (obviously much more than a traditional OE this year).  I know our organization is a lot of work and is somewhat complicated and I can’t tell you how much it helps me to sleep at night knowing you all truly care too and are there for me.
National Home Services CompanyBenefits Leader