Qualified Retirement Plans

Your employees’ financial and retirement health are just as important as one’s physical health.  One of the most positive benefits an employer can provide to assist in achieving financial health is a Qualified Retirement/401(k) Plan. Maintaining a qualified plan requires dealing with an array of fiduciary obligations, legal complications, administrative requirements, and high-profile financial decisions.

The first step in designing a competitive retirement plan is to understand your goals. The Benefit Company will work with you to design a retirement plan that fits your company’s needs.  Through partnership and professional expertise, we will work as your plan consultant, helping you decide on plan provisions including:

  • Profit sharing
  • Company match
  • Vesting schedule
  • Eligibility
  • Plan entry
  • Withdrawal options

The Benefit Company is dedicated to providing the solutions and services that are essential to help meet your objectives for a successful plan. Our long-term strategic partnerships provide us with the depth of resources you need to help you make the decisions that will serve both you and your employees for the long term. In addition to the design and administration of 401k plans, we provide these same services for 403(b) and 457(b) (f) plans as well.

Once your plan is established, employees can have access to personal financial planning experts to offer guidance for investment decisions to reach their financial goals.   This highly personalized service brings great comfort and reassurance to your employees with regard to their financial well-being.

A qualified plan . . . your employee benefit that employees do not have to be sick, hurt or die to benefit from.

Retirement Planning and Consulting