When predictable isn't

Maybe I’ll Just Wait – When Predictable Isn’t

Video Transcription:

I’m sitting on this park bench waiting on a friend. We’ve been meeting here every Thursday afternoon at 5 pm since I’ve been working at The Benefit Company. It’s now 4:50 pm.

It’s pretty hot out here. Somewhere between 90-100 degrees. No shade. No breeze.

I can endure it because I know my friend is predictable. We have a plan, and this is the spot we always meet at the same time and day every week.

But what if… What if he doesn’t show up today?

I have no alternate plan because repetition over time has taught me, I do not need an alternate plan.

I didn’t bring my cell phone with me. It’s a long walk back to my office to use the desk phone. I can’t send an email or text.

Standing on this bench and calling for him probably won’t work either.

Did his car break down? Is he sick? Maybe his kids or wife needed him.

Maybe I’ll just wait here until next week and things will go back to normal. It could take 2 weeks or 3. Who knows?

Now, this scenario was totally made up. But I used it to ask you an important question.

Are your communication channels with employees up to date with the times or are you waiting for things to go back to normal?

They’re out there. Waiting to hear from you.

In this unpredictable world in which we find ourselves, waiting for normal to return may leave you baking in the sun like me and talking to yourself.

An effective and modern communications strategy with your employees means questioning all your old norms, retiring what no longer works, and taking a few chances on new ideas.

Information about your employee benefits should be mostly digital now. In the form of a mobile app or website.

Paper distribution creates work, adds cost, and could be antiquated before it even gets in the hands of employees.

What about benefits comprehension? Sure, your employees may know they signed up for a medical plan with an HSA but do they know how to use it and the potential investment options and tax benefits?

Even the day-to-day communications that create culture in your business. Has it evolved and embraced reality?

I hope some things do return to normal. Like church, concerts and thoughtlessly hugging a grandparent.

People, we’re about 18 months into this thing. It’s time to get up and proactively find embrace new ways of doing things. That includes communication.

I’m John Dodson. Communications Director at The Benefit Company.

Let us meet with you to examine your current employee communications strategy as it relates to benefits. Don’t let more time lapse waiting for your old systems to become relevant again.

We have been successful in sustaining and expanding our client’s communications strategies with technology innovations and we’re pleased to share it with you.

I heard in a podcast this morning a guy say that hiring a mentor or consultant is like collapsing time. Now, it doesn’t matter if you are in the “new normal” or “old normal” camp. What matters is that we create a predictable normal of some kind that works today.

Reach out to me and let’s chat about what is possible with benefits employee communications.

Take care.

Johnny Dodson

Director of Communications

Johnny Dodson

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