What's in your benefit wallet?

What’s in Your Benefit Wallet?

It’s that time of year to plan a budget.  Although it is not New Years yet, many of us need to decide how we want to use our benefit dollars.

Understanding What is in your wallet of options is super important.

The IRS just released the 2024 spending account limits.  Both the FSA and H S A accounts have increased.

Each of these accounts have tax advantages.

FOR 2024, Individuals can contribute up to $4,150 to their HSA accounts, and families can contribute up to $8,300.

Make a minimum goal to Save a minimum of $20 a week into your Health Savings Account.  Yes, forget that special weekly pumpkin flavored coffee treat and save.

Your savings, lowers your taxable income, grows tax free, can be invested, is never lost, and is NOT taxed when used!

It’s features are better than the 401K program!

Round out your retirement savings approach and contribute.

What’s in your savings?

Jodie E. Braner, RHU

Jodie E. Braner, RHU

  • Population Health Data Analytics
  • Self Funding
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