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My Favorite Podcasts for Wellbeing

Commuting across Atlanta does not need to be a waste of time as I often take the commute as an opportunity for self-care and enhancing my understanding of wellbeing.  Most often, this is via podcasts that inform, educate, motivate, and challenge me regarding wellbeing.  Many of the books sitting on my nightstand are books I am reading after hearing the authors or books mentioned in these podcasts.

These are my favorite wellbeing podcasts that makeup part of my weekly routine:

Catalyst 360: Health, Wellness, and Life!  This podcast with Dr. Brad Cooper is a rich source of engaging, fascinating, evidence-based health, wellness & performance insights. While this podcast is designed for health coaches, the content is deeply applicable to all of us. The library of over 200 past episodes provides valuable content on nearly every aspect of wellbeing.

The Whole Health Cure.  Dr. Sharon Berqquist, Medical Director of Emory’s Executive Health program, hosts this informative podcast. This weekly podcast features interviews with renowned researchers, physicians, nutritionists, and wellness experts. These episodes often focus on lifestyle choices that affect our biology, mood, creativity, and energy. Seldom do I finish an episode without being challenged in my personal strategy toward better health.

The Russell Moore Show. I rarely miss this podcast airing each Wednesday. It is my top podcast for spiritual wellbeing. Russell Moore, Editor and Chief and director of Christianity Today’s Public Theology Project, hosts cultural conversations and discusses pressing ethical questions from a Biblical worldview. The podcast is conversational and very un-sermon-like, (and at times, too deep for me!). Those who have been turned off by other religious podcasts may find The Russell Moore Show to be both refreshing and challenging.

The Nature of Wellness.  This is my newest addition to my weekly podcast routine, partly because I have a growing understanding of how important getting outdoors is to our mental health. Dr. Mark Campbell hosts, along with co-host Steve Otero, this look at the role of nature in our wellbeing. It’s fascinating to hear about the relationship between the natural world and our personal wellbeing and how nature is being “prescribed” in so many contexts related to our health.

I hope you find a new resource here from among my favorites.



Jack W. Bruce, Director of Population Health Wellbeing

  • Population Health
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